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So I just found out that my favorite corrupt core (SPAAACE COOOORRRE!) from Portal 2 is voiced by the same guy who voiced my favorite turtle in the ‘07 movie. Nolan North! Haaa. Too funny.


OMGWHAT. I’ve been religiously watching PPL, live from S3 on, and NEVER KNEW Spencer’s frickin’ dad is 2007 sexy voice movie Raphael!!! WHAT IS THI…


Well then. I won’t be able to see him the same again. “Hay Spence, yer dad’s voice is sexy~”

I have to know. Who do so many people seem to think Nolan North is great? I know you like him a lot and I am not trying to slam him and maybe I have not been playing the right games but he only seems to have one voice. It's a very nice voice, but a single voice nonetheless.
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Nolan North is fantastic. Of course, you know him as Desmond Miles, Nathan Drake, the Prince (from Prince of Persia), The Boss (Saints Row IV), etc. He also played David (from The Last of Us) and Deadpool, both of whom flaunt different voices. However, he has done a lot more than you might think (look at DotA 2, for instance). Today, I will provide a (tiny) list which proves Nolan North is more than a one-trick pony.

[Just click on the name of the character and it will bring you to a video which features the voice.]

And here’s a video of Nolan North doing a bunch of impersonations (of characters he has and hasn’t voiced) and being cute.

That’s just a few of the hundreds of voices he has done.

If anyone ever pulls the “Nolan North only has one voice” card, slam dunk this list in their face and walk away as their mind is blown because cool guys and girls don’t look at explosions.